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See Why You Should Drink Honey Water Every Morning


Water is one of the vital necessities of life like the air we breathe. Nearly 80% of our body weight is attributed to the water present in our body. Most of our body functions will not be possible without water. This very same water we drink becomes a good natural medicine or a health tonic when a little amount of honey is diluted with it.

Honey has been a sweet nectar of healing for centuries. Honey can be used as a food, a medicine and a beauty treatment. When you drink honey water, you have a tasty, sweet beverage that gives you several wonderful nutrition and health benefits.

Having one glass of warm water mixed with a spoon of honey in the morning (preferably 0n empty stomach) can provide us with many excellent health benefits.

Flushes toxin:

 Not only will a glass of honey water keep you hydrated, but it will also help to flush toxins from your system. Honey is a variety that has particularly potent antifungal, antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

Regulates blood sugar: 

Although honey is high in sugar and carbohydrates, the effect on blood sugar is much reduced compared to that of refined sugar. Some researchers believe that it is a synergistic effect of both the fructose and glucose in honey that might contribute to the relatively low glycemic response after consuming honey. Diabetics should still exercise caution, but drinking honey water could be a way to keep sweetness in your diet without having to be concerned about having a spike in blood sugar.

Loose weight: 

Honey keeps blood sugar more stable than other sources of carbohydrates like refined sugar. As a result, your body has a supply of energy on hand to use but your stable blood sugar should help stave off cravings. Some sport nutritionists recommend honey water for before, during and after sustained periods of intense exercise.

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Soothes sore throats: 

Honey is a remedy for sore throat that has been used for centuries. Try warm honey water when you are feeling under the weather. Add a slice of lemon to the warm water for an added vitamin C boost.

Boost immune system: 

Honey can be applied topically to minor wounds and burns to help healing as an anti-inflammatory. Honey also stimulates antibody production to help fight off illness. Honey’s health potential has even been studied with regard to fighting cancer. Drinking honey water can also help with your oral health by helping to prevent the buildup of dental plaque and gingivitis.

 Prevents heart disease: 

Honey is loaded with antioxidants which help protect your heart by lowering bad cholesterol. Darker honey contains even more of the health benefits so aim for these varieties when you shop.

Clears skin: 

The antibacterial nature of honey makes it an excellent remedy for acne. Drinking honey water helps clear your skin from the inside, but you can also apply it directly to the skin.

Digestive health: 

The antioxidants of honey are helpful for the prevention, cure and treatment of some stomach disorders such as ulcers, gastritis and gastroenteritis. Researchers believe that honey intake stimulates the sensory nerves in the stomach, which helps reduce ulcers. Other researchers are studying how honey helps relieve diarrhea in children and rats. Drinking honey water can also help reduce gas and bloating.

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