How Best To Answer The Interview Question: ‘Why Should I Hire You’???

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Some of you are probably warming up for an interview and you know you can’t afford to miss the chance, so you are doing all you can, to prepare yourself and fix every loophole. To help you get better prepared. These are 4 vital tips to help you nail the question,’why they should hire’???…

– Firstly, read the job description twice. This will tell you whether or not you have the required skills/experience for the job. Most times many candidates have no idea about the skills required. Show that you have the required experience/skill-set to do the job. Use evidence to back-up your claim. Say you’re applying for a position as a civil engineer give an example of why you think the Lekki building collapse that claimed 35 lives could have been avoided.

– Secondly, No one wants to hire someonewho doesn’t understand their space, product/team. So take time to co-relate things you’ve done in the past with the things the company is trying to achieve. Also relate on a personal level, after-all interviewers are human beings too.

– Thirdly, the ability to get things done, no matter the obstacles is something every employer cherishes, so give some examples from the past of how you have solved a problem.

– Lastly, you should always answer with what you will do to improve the company. What ideas do you have that will make life better for your interviewer not merelytalking about your experience or education, or adding descriptions like ‘hard-working, loyal, team-leader, etc.

Hope these tips help!!!

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