CCT: CNPP,IPAC Demand Stoppage Of Saraki’s Trial

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The Congress of Nigeria’s Political Parties (CNPP) and Inter Party Advisory Council ( IPAC) have yesterday lent their voices to the calls to set aside the  trial of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

The two political groups made their positions in signed statements jointly issued to the press in Ilorin said the trial of Saraki before the CCT was borne out of political vendetta and therefore not a fight against corruption as the initiators of the trial wanted the public to believe.

IPAC in its statement noted that “what is happening in the political arena as far as the senate presidency is concerned is nothing short of tyrannical rule of one strong pillar of the ruling party,the All Progressive Congress (APC) who only wants his men in all strategic positions of government and party.

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“Any democratic dispensation that practices such is nothing short of dictatorship and nepotism.

“This is definitely an action that any Nigeria who values the norms of democracy would not adopt while some people are running the nation’s affairs like their domestic affairs. We should not allow the” man “ to die in  us while someone takes the pride in riding us rough-shod away from the kind of political ideology we cast our votes for.

“In all advanced democracies of the world where the bi-camera legislature is practiced,the members of the hallowed chambers reserved the right to elect whoever they like to lead them,hence the unwholesome dictation from the party god-fathers should not override the interest of members of the legislators”.

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