Check Out 12 Super Awesome Nigerian Pre-Wedding Shoots (Photos+Video)

Again, pre-wedding photos have become serious business as every couple is in a quiet competition to steal the headlines on blogs and social media with creative concepts.

These pictures were compiled as a challenge to photographers who will be compelled to boost their thinking capacities after flipping through the thoughtful poses directed by Nigerian photographers with nice locations, impressive attires and above all, happy couples.
This is a concise list of 12 occasion pre-wedding photos almost crossed the borderline in a bid to create an impression before the general public.
See the list below:
1. This one where the bride was basically flying up and down because sitting down is too much stress.
2. This couple that doesn’t understand why there are locks on toilet doors.
3. This couple that decided this calabash was too heavy for one of them to carry. They seem to have found love by the riverside in the village of Amagu (Nollywood).
4. These ones that were doing bad things in the corner with their friends enjoying a free show.
5. This groom that was doing yoga in the air as par yoga master.
6. This couple that were the only black people in their own shoot.
7. These ones that were doing shakara in the village.
8. These ones that staged a kidnap scene.
9. This I-must-be-Sango-by-force groom. Well they can be idol worshippers anyway lol
10. These ones went all the way underwater to take their own pictures because the land isn’t suitable enough for them.
11. These ones that were just unserious. Showcasing Arsenal? their home may not have ‘cups’ lol
12. This couple kuku went to shoot a music video to show superiority over thers.

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