Senate President says: ‘I Don’t Expect To Be Shielded From Prosecution’

President of the 8th Nigerian Senate, Bukola Saraki has said he doesn’t expect to be shielded from prosecution if found wanting.

Opening up on his current travails, the ex-governor of Kwara state has also spoken on the role of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, in his travail.

In a recently report by This Day Newspaper, Saraki revealed details of his ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal over asset declaration issues amidst other issues.

He also claimed his refusal to support a Muslim/Muslim ticket for the APC in the 2015 presidential election is largely responsible for his current ordeal.

In his words, “I have also been accused of helping to frustrate some people’s opportunity to emerge as President Muhammadu  Buhari’s running mate. But I have no problem with anybody. My concern was that it would not be politically smart of us to run with a Muslim-Muslim ticket. I doubt if we would have won the election if we had done this, especially after the PDP had successfully framed us a Muslim party. I felt we were no longer in 1993. Perhaps, more than ever before, Nigerians are more sensitive to issues of religious balancing. This was my original sin.”

Speaking further, ‘What they say to themselves, among other things, was that ‘if he could conspire against our ambition, then he must not realise his own ambition as well.’ For me however, I have no regrets about this. I only stood for what I believed was in the best interest of the party and in the best interest of Nigeria. We have got to that point in our country when we no longer believe that anyone could stand for anything based on principles and convictions alone. Moreover, in the growing culture of media crucifixion and presumed guilt; it is rare to find a voice like yours that calls for fairness and justice.’

‘And with all sense of modesty, I was an important factor in the formation of New PDP; in leading that group to the APC; in ensuring our group’s support for the candidate during the primaries and in mobilising substantial resources for the election. For these, I have not expected any special compensation. Rather, I only expect to be treated like every loyal party member and accorded the right to freely aspire,‘ Saraki said.

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