Eyelid Paintings Done With Makeup You Wouldn’t Believe Are Real

artistic eyelids

These eyelid paintings done with makeup only are so detailed, you won’t believe the eyelid was used as canvas!

Artist, Tal Peleg uses makeup and her eyes to tell a story.

Using the natural curves and shape of the eye, she depicts movie scenes and other illustrations in a creative way.

Movies, animals, fairy tales and many more are some of her favourite art inspirations. Her eye art is created on her own eyelids, using eye shadows and liners with really tiny brushes.

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The process takes an average of three hours and of course, a lot of patience, but the result is astonishing!

Here are ten of her movie illustrations:

1. Rapunzel:


2. The Fault in our Stars:

The fault in our stars

3. The Little Mermaid:

Little Mermaid

4. The Sound of Music:

The sound of music

5. The Wizard of Oz:

The Wizard of Oz

6. Les Misrables:

Les Misrables

7. The Little Prince:

The little prince

 8. How to train your dragon:

How to train your dragon

 9. Frozen:


10. Elsa of Frozen:

Frozen inspired eye makeup

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