Where Is Father Mbaka And His Voice Of Change?


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Father Mbaka who gallantly supported President Muhammadu Buhari during the presidential election is currently being called out over his silence concerning the onslaught of the Fulani herdsmen on the Igbos.

The first time I heard about Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka was through my mother. My mother was the head of the CWO in our archdiocese when we were younger. She headed the women group for 14 years (not very sure but it was quite long).
She was also a church dancer, since i come from an area where women are valued due to the fact that they can dance. Dancing could be a reason a man would marry you in my village. Not because you will make money for him while dancing but just so he can point at you from the crowd of dancers and say, “that is my wife over there”. Weird but true.

My mother was good in attending church activities. She would want to drag my daddy with her but that one and his “Arobunagu” will never agree. I recall when the Pope came to Oba Anambra state and my mum insisted everyone must go, my daddy insisted he would watch the Pope on tv. It only took my mum trekking home from Oba airport to our house for her to know my daddy made a wise decision. To make matters worse, She did not even get to touch the Pope since the man was in a glass bullet proof four wheeled machine that looks like a toy car.

So that year, they said Father Ejike Mbaka was coming to Nkpor Anambra state. My mum insisted that everyone must go. She convinced my dad and we all went. When Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka entered, we were stunned by his size. This is because he has a thunderous voice but not a thunderous body. What he says pierces through your ears and reverberates. We were waohed by this Reverend Father with such talent.
When he led a team of prayer warriors to a town known as Ogidi to deal with one juju ( i do not know whether this story is true, people from Ogidi should confirm), I heard the story and i was thrilled. Then Okocha, the footballer showed up on his music video, they were both playing football and Mbaka defeated Okocha even though he had no football skill, all that drama made me fall in love with the Reverend.
Then he did another music video where he was catching bullets of assassins with the bible and rolling on the floor like a warrior, i fell in love with the man. Mbaka speaks on every issue, politics, fashion, banking, militancy, just mention it.He at one point gave a message of division of Nigeria because he believed the igbo are suffering and the Niger delta so called militants are being exploited.
During the tenure of Obasanjo, he asked his followers to point towards Aso rock and start shouting Holy Ghost Fire! The recorded message is out there in the market.
His last remarkable message was on the 2015 election where he urged Nigerians to vote against Goodluck because he is now Badluck.People did like he admonished. He was invited to Aso rock in a private jet and thanked for being a lone but loud voice.
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Today, fulani herdsmen are killing and maiming people in Rev. Father Mbaka’s homeland and his voice has disappeared! So i want to ask, WHAT HAPPENED TO MBAKA’S VOICE?

Written by Ify China

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