Professor Itse Sagay; Fayose Is On The Road To Self-Destruction

Itse Sagay has critised the controversial Ekiti State governor, Fayose on his decision to disturb Buhari’s Chinese loan process.

Professor Itse Sagay, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, is the chairman of the Presidential Committee on Anti-Corruption and one of the country’s foremost experts in constitutional law.
As a human rights activist, Sagay has undoubtedly paid his dues in the struggles for egalitarian society. Sagay who was part of the pioneer law class of the former University of Ife, subsequently took to academics and rose to become the Dean of the Law faculty of his alma mater before transferring his service to the University of Benin.
At the height of military rule in 1986 he was one of those who ran into trouble with the authorities of the University of Benin for supposedly teaching what he was not paid to teach; which was an axiom for his perceived inclination to the promotion of civil rights in the university campus.

In this interview, Sagay takes a swipe at the Senate for initiating the amendment of the law establishing the Code of Conduct Bureau and also faults the National Assembly for the controversy trailing the 2016 budget. He also berates Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State over his letter urging the Chinese government to rescind its decision of a $2 billion loan to Nigeria.

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But what do you have to say to what Governor Ayodele Fayose has done in writing to the Chinese government not to grant Nigeria any loan?

I think Fayose has a problem. The way I see it is that, the man who is on the brink of destruction has no restraint about what he does. To start with, what is the business of a state governor about a loan that is being given to the federal government?

Is it right for him to take such a step?

He has no business. In fact on the contrary, it is when a state government wants to take a loan, that it will require the federal government to guarantee the loan. So, he has no business at all and I regard him as being on a journey to self destruction and I wish him luck. Let him continue to destroy himself with his mad impulses.

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