Hilarious! You Won’t Believe What A 5-Year-Old Boy Did After His Father Violated Traffic Rules

Traffic light rules
A very young boy has decided to put the law first before family and got his father into a hot seat when the man disobeyed traffic rules.

The young boy saw his father drive through a red light and the next thing he did was to call the police on the man.
The police have released the audio of a 911 call from the young boy reporting his dad for driving through a red light.
In the recording posted online by police in the Massachusetts city of Quincy, the boy can be heard telling a dispatcher about his father’s alleged traffic offence.
“Um, daddy went past a red light,” the boy says. “He has a black truck. He was in a brand-new car, my mummy’s car.”
When the dispatcher asks what happened next, the boy, named as Robert, says his father committed the violation on the way to the car wash.
“Then he went past the red light,” the boy says again.
The dispatcher asks to speak to the boy’s father, who picks up the phone.
“Oh, no,” the man says, with an embarrassed laugh. “I apologise.”
“No problem,” the dispatcher says.
The police department said the boy was six years old, but his father says on the call he is five.
Quincy Police did not pursue the alleged violation and no ticket was issued.
Presumably any fine would have been paid out of the boy’s college fund.

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