Learn How To Do The Straw Curls Hairstyle Before Easter

The Easter break is here and if you haven’t made your hair by now, there is limited time. For those naturalista’s that have no idea what do to go with their hair at this period , I suggest you go for the straw curls hairstyle. This hairstyle is simple, easy to create and versatile. You can also air dry after you are done inserting the straws or you can use heat, anyone that works best but you need to keep in mind that air drying would stay over night.


The Straw curls hairstyle is not for natural haired ladies only, those with relaxed hair can also achieve the look they want *I did mine with relaxed hair* . Some people use really thin and long rollers made in form of straws to achieve this look but ordinary and before the creation of this rollers, normal drinking straw was and still is involved in the process of making this hairstyle.

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The straw curls became popular when it was discovered that curling iron caused hair damage. Since the drinking straws worked on any texture of hair, it became a popular method of achieving thin curls.

The first step to getting ready for your straw curls is simply putting all you need in a spot, this means getting your leave in conditioner, shea butter, gel and all the important hair products that you need for your hair.


Here’s a video from Vlogger Coily Bella (Although her hair is kinky, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this products on relaxed hair).

Source: YouTube Channel- Coily Bella

Note: Straw curls reduces the length of your natural hair, also you can curl your weaves with the straw, it gives it the same effect.

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