Nigerian Man With Rare And ‘Incurable’ Skin Disease Cries Out (PHOTOS)

Mucha Habermann also known as Pityriasis Lichenoides et Varioliformis Acuta or Pleva is very much uncommon in the Nigerian society which makes the skin condition of a Nigerian sufferer a rare case.
The very disturbed patient has taken to a social media platform to seek answers to his health condition after the failure of some medical personnels to convince him.
Read his words below:

“It all started this year April like heat rash on my hands, on its second week it has gotten to my back, third week, it was looking like Chicken pox so I visited the hospital and the doctored said it was chicken pox and I told him I had suffered from chicken pox back in 2007.

I was administered some drugs but i noticed it kept spreading, the doctor had to refer me to a skin specialist, who taught it was chicken pox too but on my second visit, he consulted his Books on skin disease and alas, I’ve got Mucha Habermann disease also known as pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta or PLEVA.

I have also met a dermatologist. He talked about using UV Light to correct it but was not so sure since its a very rare disease and I am the first of his patients with such.
Secondly, i would not be able to afford the fee of 120k a month( 2 sections a week) for some months.

Please doctors, I have used several oral ointment nd some drugs yet I ve not found relief.. It’s said to be a rare Immune disease but I don’t want to believe it has no cure.

Kindly assist me because I can’t cope having these all over my body”

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