Niger Delta: Militants Attack Fulani Herdsmen, Threaten To Cripple Nigeria’s Economy

Niger Delta Militants
The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) has actually endangered to cripple Nigeria’s economic situation if President Buhari does not hold a Sovereign National Conference for Nigerians to select whether they still wish to remain together.The militants

additionally the militant condemned the wrongs of the Fulani ranchers, and also criticised Buhari for not calling them to order.

The NDA, in a press statement titled: NIGERIA IS A FAILED ENTITY listed their grievances saying:

“…Clear example is the present administration where Fulani herdsmen whom are the kinsmen of President Buhari are above the law despite the killing and atrocities they have committed against farmers in the south and middle belt but the president can give a shoot on sight directive to military against the peaceful protest of the Indigenous people of Biafra.

“Other one is the 2016 budget where nearly all the major projects are channeled to the North even though the creeks of the Niger delta are in dear need of development to improve the standard of living.”

They also alleged that the Nigerian military has become a tool in the hands of greedy and selfish politicians, citing the Bayelsa and Rivers elections.

They also said “The allocation of mining license is other crime this country is committing against its Niger Deltans. Where 80% of the oil blocs are allocated to northerners and the rest 20% is spread among the Easterners and westerners. THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE NIGER DELTA.

“After looking at all these injustices and devilish acts going on in Nigeria the Niger Delta Avengers concludes that nobody is loyal to this entity called Nigeria instead, we are insisting that the entity called Nigeria should break up and lets the South, East, West and North be govern by their own.”

The militants also accused Buhari’s government of running the country like a military regime, adding that the rights of Nigerians are being trampled upon.

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They said “The Niger delta avengers high command, which comprises of agitators from all ethnic groups in the Niger Delta, has concluded that if the president fails to hear our voice and refuse to call for the sovereign national conference.

“We will ensure its happens or we will employ our second option by crippling the economy of the country. We won’t stop at that but dead ready to take the fight out of the creeks and take it to cities like Abuja, Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt just to name a few. And Avengers are not interested in taking innocent lives, but we will defend territory and ourselves .

“To our brothers in the Nigeria Military we can still welcome you back home with open arms but don’t think we will spare you if you attack us.”

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) is a new militant group in the Niger Delta which claims that its membership cuts across all oil producing states of the region.

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