Nnamdi Kanu Sends Out Warning From Prison: It’s Biafra Or Nothing

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has restated his agitation for the breakaway of Biafra from the rest of the country.

Nnamdi Kanu showing a sign of solidarity to his supporters during a court appearance
In a statement released by Emma Powerful, the spokesman of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the detained leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, who has been in detention since October 2015, has restated his agitation for the breakaway of Biafra from the rest of the country, saying: “It is Biafra or nothing; Nigerians knows that.”
According to the statement, Kanu said he was not agitating for Biafra’s ‘secession’ from Nigeria because ‘Biafra is older than Nigeria’ and cannot therefore be seceding from the ‘contraption’. Instead, he said all he seeks is his people’s return to ‘the way we were before the British came’.
The IPOB leader, Kanu, who asserted that the purpose of his birth is to ‘save Biafrans’, said;
“The reason my mother gave birth to me was to restore and save Biafrans.
“I also promise that the Biafran race will be a cleaned-up nation and all the people of Biafra will come back home, if they are living outside the country of the new nation. Our people will no longer wander on the road again.
“How can I encourage the people of Biafra to work towards the upbringing of Nigeria, when we don’t speak the same language, don’t eat the same food and don’t have the same culture? In fact, if we come to their land to practise our culture and religion, we will be beheaded.
“Their women wear hijab, and Biafran women don’t, and on the point that our women don’t wear hijab and we don’t practise the same religion, they will see us as infidels and then, we will be beheaded. We are 100 per cent Christians. These people are Muslims who see killing as a culture.
“In Biafra where we originated from, it will be hard for our people to kill a human being, because in my language a human being is called MMANDU, which means in English language the beauty of life. Now, you can see it will never work, the only solution is Biafra.
“We are not trying to secede from Nigeria. We are older than Nigeria. You can only talk about seceding if Nigeria is the one that colonized Biafra. But we are older than that contraption. So we can’t secede rather we just want to go back the way we were before the British came. It is Biafra or nothing, Nigerians know that,” the statement read.
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