What To Do If You DO NOT Want To Be PREGNANT


babyToday, we have a range of contraceptive options. However, with all the options available to us, globally there are still an estimated 222 million women who have an unmet need for that option.

If you are sexually active, you must be able to stand, decide and be ready to protect yourself and your partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Even couples and individuals have the right to decide when they want to have children, if at all.

But if you don’t want to get pregnant, opt for any of these:

 Injections or The Shot: It is called Depo-Provera, it is an injectable form of contraception that prevents pregnancy. The shots must be given at specific times by a doctor, they work by preventing eggs from being released.  The shot is 99.7% effective against stopping unwanted pregnancies but they do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Pull and Pray Method:  The pull and pray method or withdrawal method is good. But experts noted that it is not completely safe. It is about 83 percent effective, just equivalent to a condom which is said to be 84 percent safe to prevent pregnancy.

Condoms: Male condoms are put onto the pe nis to present a physical barrier to sperm.  Female condoms fit inside the va gina to present a physical barrier to sperm.  Both of these have the added bonus of protecting you against sexually transmitted infections. From research, male condoms are 86% – 98% effective against stopping unwanted pregnancies. Female condoms are 79-95% effective.

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The Pill: This is taken by the female partner and it works by fooling the body into thinking the woman is pregnant.  By doing this the woman’s ovaries stop releasing eggs and therefore, prevent pregnancy.  The Pill is 99% effective against stopping unwanted pregnancies.

The coil or IUD (intrauterine device): A small plastic or metal device inserted in the uterus by a medical professional.  Some cause a mild irritation that prevents fertilization or implantation others cause hormone changes.  An IUD is 97.4-99% effective against stopping unwanted pregnancies. IUDs do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Abstinence: With this method, you refrain from all forms of sexual intercourse and contact, ensuring that there is no exchange of body fluids (such as vaginal secretions and semen). It is also said to be the best form of contraception because it is 100% effective.

Picking a birth control method that fits your life is the key and only you can decide what is best for you!


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