Oh My!! Mother Furious After Child Was Beaten Up At Creche!


THE little girl went to creche happily in the morning. But when she returned home, she had bleeding wounds on her back.

The girl’s mum, Charity Mthimunye (23), soon found out her child had allegedly been bamboozled for wetting herself! The creche is in Soshanguve, Tshwane. Charity said when she bathed her five-year-old daughter in the morning, there wasn’t a scratch on her.

But the girl was crying in pain when she was dropped off at home on Monday afternoon. “I went to the creche to demand answers but no one would confess to beating my child. However, someone eventually told me my child was repeatedly beaten with a sjambok in full view of other children for wetting herself.”

She said after she left the creche, she took her child to the doctor, who advised her to go to the hospital. “She can’t sit properly. She also can’t sleep. She’s crying because she can’t play with her friends.”

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The furious mum said she wanted her daughter’s teacher to be fired and jailed for what she did. The SunTeam spoke to the creche owner, Flora Kgapola, who confirmed the child had been injured at school.

However, she claimed the child was not beaten but was bathed in bleach by a staff member. “I am also angry with the teacher who did this. I will talk to the mum. I plan to go to her house to apologise. I’m sorry for what happened.”

Gauteng Childline director Lynne Cawood said it was sad that there were still teachers who hit children.

“Parents must report these incidents to 08 000 55 555 so our staff can provide counselling. The social development department must also intervene and investigate the creche.”

Police are investigating a case of assault.

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