PHOTOS: See The Giant Python Killed By Local Residents Everybody Wants To See (Video)


Motorists travelling on the freeway south of Amanzimtoti were shocked to see a group of men carrying a massive python on a pole, ECR SA reports.

According to Yolandi Pearce from Pumula in South Africa, she revealed that the snake was sighted while travelling with her family towards Durban just before 11am when they noticed a group of people with a large number of hunting dogs on the centre median.

The woman had to go back as people streamed to catch a glance of the giant python. She says what they saw turned out to be a python about 4 to 5-metres long.
“At first, it looked like they were herding a bunch of goats or sheep. As we past the group, we saw this huge pole that they were carrying. On the pole we could see this huge snake wrapped around it. So, my husband and I looked at each other – and said ‘no ways!’,” Pearce said.

“We took the next off-ramp, turned around and came back again just to make sure what it was we saw with our eyes. As we turned around and went back, on the off-ramps they were standing with this big snake and everyone was just coming from everywhere. The locals were running, people were stopping and getting out of their cars to take photos,” she added.
Watch video below:

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