Photos/Video: Shocking Moment Man Is Electrocuted To Death After Climbing Electric Pole To Entertain People At A Rally


A boy allegedly trying to impress people has been electrocuted to death as he climbed the pole in Brazil.

The young boy was electrocuted to death
This is the tragic moment a man lost his life while trying to impress a crowd at a political rally. The man was electrocuted to death as he tried to climb higher up the electric pole.
The shocking incident took place in Brazil ahead of a speech by suspended Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.
The unnamed victim, who was wearing just a pair of beach shorts, appeared to grow more and more animated as supporters warmed up the crowd for the female politician at a political rally in Aracaju in the northern state of Sergipe, Dailymail reports.
After spending several minutes clinging to the pylon and waving a flag, he ignored warnings from bystanders to get down and climbed further up the pole towards the danger area where the electricity cables were attached.
Watch video below:

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