We’re Prepared To Die If It’ll Bring Good Governance – Obanikoro Speaks On EFCC’s Raid On His House

Embattled former minister of state for defence, says members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are ready to be martyred if that will bring about good governance.
Speaking via his Twitter page on Wednesday, former minister of state for defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, has reacted to the raid of his residence by the Economic and Financial Crimes‎ Commission (EFCC), saying that members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are ready to be martyred if that will bring about good governance.
Obanikoro said that the President Buhari-led federal government was taking the country back to an era of despotism‎ by its alleged hounding of members of the opposition.
“The invasion and raid of my residence yesterday by agents of the state is a sad throwback to a tyrannical past that is better forgotten.

‎”In 16 years of democracy, we thought we had conquered despotism for good in Nigeria but in one year, this government has brought it back. Let me reiterate clearly: I have never received any invitation from EFCC over any issue up till date. This invasion therefore is premature.

‎”Furthermore, no court ordered a raid on my house or seizure of my belongings. Any such move is Illegal and will be fought against legally. Such invasion and raid of my house without prior invitation from EFCC to me or any court order towards this signals a return to despotism.

“The illegal invasion and raid is a mockery of justice, an expression of disdain towards the judicial system and a terribly bad precedent. The Illegal Invasion without EFCC invitation, notice of investigation or a court order is also a mockery of the intelligence of Nigerians.

‎”If the harassment of PDP members will help government to deliver good governance, many of us would submit ourselves willingly to martyrdom. If hounding PDP members will solve Nigeria’s economic woes then we Welcome it. This rather is a woeful attempt to distract from those woes,” he said.
He argued that the harassment of PDP leaders is not in any way equal to the delivery of good governance, no matter who applauds such illegality. “The aim of the government is to distract the people from their woes. Such tactics have been tried before, in Nigeria and elsewhere, and they failed.
“I put close to two decades into public service, in opposition and in government, all with an unblemished record and a clear conscience. To put one’s family and dependents through such trauma of illegal invasion, in this holy month of Ramadan is an unfair reward for service.

“The illegal invasion of my house @realFFK and several others in detention: give me no confidence in government’s willingness to do Justice. EFCC has never officially made public any investigation of my record in government at any time before this illegal invasion of my house.

“Suggestions of an EFCC investigation have dwelt solely in the realm of rumours, over which I have sued several media organisations to court.

‎”The rumour before was that of a $2.7billion arms issue, now they say it is NSA imprest account – let them make the documents public. I cannot submit myself to such glaring witch-hunt, injustice and charade but I’ll fight it legally, with God and clear conscience on my side.

“Since EFCC opted to make this a media trial/circus, let them make public any document linking me or any of my children to any financial scam. The allegations are lies not backed by fact or evidence but a burning desire to obliterate the opposition and keep Nigerians distracted,” he said.
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