UNDEDSS: Only President Buhari Can Chair A Dialogue With Niger Delta Militants

The widely reported dialogue between the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government and the Niger Delta militants, has taken a new twist as UNDEDSS reveals that only the president will chair the dialogue.
In a terse statement released on Tuesday and signed by Tony Iprinye Uranta, the United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS) Secretary General, President Muhammadu Buhari, has once again been implored to revive the now-comatose platform of the holistic 2009 Amnesty Dynamic that President Umar Yaradua deployed, to stem the tide dangerously imploding reality of armed agitation in the Niger Delta.
According to Premium Times, the Federal Government is urged to adopt the successful Yar’Adua template of 2009, by appointing a credible Special Adviser on the region and re-establishing the Niger Delta Committee/Council that operated five sub-Committees to holistically and sustainably address the challenges identified in the region.
“UNDEDSS and other leading stakeholders in the region have tirelessly interfaced with very senior members of this Administration and given them a detailed template the President should deploy now to resolve this growing insecurity in the region, which is negatively impacting all of Nigeria.
“In the light of of the conflicting statements being made by too many putative representatives of both the region and the Federal Government. It is necessary, however, to state that the Niger Delta is not going to know sustainable peace via the coterie of so-called Contact Groups or Committees! And, that there cannot be any reliable dialogue, between the FGN and the region, without a commitment to Justice and Equity by President Buhari himself,” says Uranta.
Whilst reiterating that all the FGN needs to do is adopt what the 2008 Niger Delta Technical Committee’s Report advises, UNDEDSS listed immediate actions the FGN can commence, towards reassuring the Niger Delta of its sincere commitment to Justice and Equity.
“These include the release of ten secondary school children and others detained as prisoners-of-war for many weeks since the military’s invasion of Gbaramatu Kingdom; the return of Symbols of Gbaramatu traditional worship; and, most importantly, President Buhari addressing the nation to announce that he would personally lead the revival of the 2009 template premised on a Niger Delta Development Committee under his direct supervision, plus grant free passage to all stakeholders he is ready to directly dialogue with,” the statement adds
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