Shocking! Man Mysteriously Dies After Killing Snake He Found in His Backyard

A man has met his end in a mysterious way on the same day he killed a snake he found around his house.

Brian Ncube, a man from Chisuma village in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe mysteriously died after killing a python he found in his yard. Brian killed the snake, which had swallowed a rabbit, with the help of his uncle Nopheus Ncube.
The deceased’s brother Edison Ncube, revealed that: “After finding the snake in his yard, he sought the assistance of his uncle Nopheus Ncube to help kill it.”
However trouble began when at night he told his wife that he felt something moving like a snake in his skin.
His wife, MaNdlovu, said later than night at around 1am he told her that he felt something moving like it was alive inside him. He was then rushed to the nearest clinic,” Ncube added.
At Chisuma clinic nothing wrong was detected.
However, the family thought of taking him to Victoria Falls hospital for a more detailed medical check.
“Nurses at Chisuma clinic could not find anything wrong with him though it was evident that he was in pain. We could see movements inside him, nurses only gave him painkillers. Still his body rejected them and we were left with no choice but to take him to Victoria Falls Hospital,” added Edison.
At the Victoria Falls General Hospital nothing helpful was discovered. He was discharged in a day because they too could not find anything.
He died on the same day.

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