Unbelievable! Man Offers Wife’s Lover N24m to Leave His Wife for Him…What the Woman’s Lover Did Will Shock You (Photo)

A University student has left many in shock after what he did when a rich man whose wife he was dating offered him N24 million to leave the wife.

Billy Graham Olang’ has been named as the reason behind Mario and Nathalie’s divorce Photo:Courtesy

An Italian diplomat has gone ahead to file divorce papers against his wife for having an affair with a Kenyan university student who rejected N24 million he offered him to leave his wife.
But, the student refused saying that he still loves the man’s wife and cannot let go.
According to The Nairobian, the student identified as Billy Graham Olang who allegedly dropped out of college, is now accusing the diplomat’s wife of misusing him sexually, before dumping him without delivering on the lavish, easy life she had reportedly promised after things have gone sour between him and the man’s wife.
The rich diplomat had offered Olang Sh7 million (N24m) to leave his wife alone when he found out about the affair, but the student turned it down because he said that he loved her.
The diplomat identified as Mario Margiotta had met Nathalie after dating and marrying in France. They have one child, an 18-year-old son.
Since 2011, they have been residents of Kenya, where their son attends high school.
However, things changed between the two when Nathalie and Olang, the university student met in Mombasa in 2011. They started a serious affair forcing to woman to fall in love with the student. She promised him a lavish lifestyle and to turn his life around. However, after the husband found out of the affair, things have gone a little sour between the two.
The diplomat had offered the student  a huge sum of money which he rejected forcing him to file a divorce against the wife.
Pending the closure of the case Nathalie who was to receive 200k monthly support wrote the court complaining her husband wasn’t complying with the court order which demanded him to pay the 200k monthly allowance.
The Italian diplomat, Mario Margiotta, an international agricultural economist in Kenya, but who has since relocated to Egypt, filed divorce papers at the High Court Family Division in Nairobi and names the university student, Billy Graham Olang, as the reason for their divorce.
The matter will now be resolved in court.

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