PHOTOS: UNIZIK Student Protests Against Ecobank After ATM Debits Her Without Dispensing Cash

A female student of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University popularly known as UNIZIK has dragged Ecobank Plc in the mud over a case of reported negligence in the performance of their financial duties.

The unnamed student victim staging a protest
A young Nigerian student of UNIZIK, Awka has staged a lone protest against a branch of Ecobank in Anambra State after it reportedly debited her account in a failed attempt to collect cash from an ATM machine which the bank has refused to retract within a period of two weeks.
Her friends out of sympathy have been trending the report on social media with a view of getting the intervention of high authorities.
Pictures of the victim holding a placard with a long inscription about her story have been attached to the story.
Read the words of her friend on social media:
“Please social media users help me push this message till it gets to Buhari, if possible. My friend tried making a withdrawal through her Ecobank ATM and her account was credited without dispensing the cash. All effort to resolve the issue proved abortive cos the bank’s branch manager is being indifferent.

“Things are hard this time. It is even harder for a student, and to be ripped off by an institution that is meant to safeguard your money is just not fair. That’s day time robbery.

“Ecobank Awka please and please, credit this poor girl’s account and upgrade your system”

Ecobank was yet to make an official response to the allegation as at press time.
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