PHOTOS: Woman Rips ATM Machine Apart With Her Bare Hands After It Refused To Let Her Withdraw Any Money

An obviously enraged and frustrated woman who had battled in vain to withdraw some money at the ATM, has done a really unbelievable thing to vent her anger.

The woman was seen battering the ATM machine
The woman seemed to experience a brain snap after she couldn’t get any cash out of the ATM prompting her to tear apart the machine with her own hands.
She created quite a scene in a shopping mall in Dongguan in the Chinese province of Guangdong when she astoundingly dismantled the machine within a matter of minutes.
The extreme behaviour drew an intrigued crowd of shoppers to gather around and watch the strange event unfold while taking photos on their phones.
However, despite at least three security guards attending the bizarre scene – no one attempted to stop the woman from damaging the machine.
The woman was seen mumbling to herself and hitting the machine at the Shilong Jingshawan Shopping Mall.
A bank representative said that the security guards were called to the scene after reports of the woman pulling apart the machine within a ‘short few minutes’.
‘We can see from the mall’s security cameras that she first pried off the plastic frame/case off the sides of the ATM, and then forcefully tore out the computer display,’ the representative said.
‘After dismantling the machine, she even stood there as if nothing had happened, but was then taken back to the police station once police arrived.’ 
The woman told the officers that she repeatedly tried to withdraw money from the ATM without success.
The representative said the footage showed she did not use any tools to pull apart the machine.
One possibility for the woman being able to dismantle a machine so easily, might be that the ATM had been in service for a long time and that ‘the plastic casing surrounding it has become old and brittle, and was therefore easy to damage,’ the spokesperson said.

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