The Beautiful City Of Ibadan


Rustic roofs, heaps of refuse, flying dirts, untarred roads and rickety vehicles used to announce arrival to this ‘pacesetter’ city of many hills. Everywhere you turn, you will see heaps of refuse intimidating traffic into paralysis. So bad was the situation that it was declared in 2008 one of the dirtiest cities in the world. But not any longer as the state government, under its urban renewal programme, is changing the face of Ibadan to a modern city.

Yes, The picture you see above is in Ibadan. It is a section of the New Agodi Garden. And you will see several beautiful sights In Ibadan city if you move around frequently. Beautiful landscapes, modern buses, clean environment, expanded and tarred roads and free flow of traffic are giving Ibadan city a new and befitting look. Coming into Ibadan from Lagos, you are now welcomed by the alluring green lawn and flowers beautifying the Challenge/Lead City axis including the road medians from the toll gate to Soka area.

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Iwo Road Axis Before It Was Beautified

Iwo Road Axis Before It Was Beautified
Iwo Road Interchange After It Was Beautified

Iwo Road Interchange After It Was Beautified

Iwo Road interchange is not what it used to be. It’s another high point of the new face of Ibadan city. At the beginning of this present administration, the governor ordered the demolition of all shanties around the interchange and traffic officers were stationed around the interchange all day to ensure compliance by road users, particularly commercial drivers but as at the time of this writing, traders are gradually returning to areas under the bridge .

For people entering Ibadan from Eruwa, aside the cleanliness that stares them in the face from Ologuneru area, the dualisation and beautification of Eleyele-Magazine-Aleshinloye-Dugbe Road announces the modern look of the city. Within Ibadan, major roundabouts have been beautified especially those on the popular Ring Road, Beere Roundabout, Mokola Roundabout, Total Garden Roundabout and several others

There are several other areas that have really change and are now turned to a beffiting sceneric view. At least better than what it used to be. If you stay in Ibadan, you will understand better and if you are outside ibadan, the pictures speak for themselves. We wish you visit ibadan. You will surely enjoy your stay.

Ibadan has really changed from what it used to be back then. If you have not recently been to Ibadan, please visit Ibadan and see Nature’s beauty in PHYSICAL, you will be amazed at a lot of things you never imagined exists in Ibadan City. It’s our believe that in few years time, Ibadan city will grow to be one of the world’s finest city.


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