Bodija: The Food Basket of Ibadan And Environ


Bodija is a district in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The region gained prominence with the development of like named high brow estate shortly after the Independence of Nigeria. There are two of such estates within the region. Old Bodija and New Bodija. The estate is home to many popular schools within the state. It is also home to Bodija Market which is one of the largest Markets in Ibadan.

Bodija Market is a popular open-air market located in Bodija, a district in Ibadan North local government of Oyo State,South Western Nigeria.[1] Reputable to be the hub for the sales and distribution of cattle and livestock in Oyo State, the market is populated by Hausa and Yoruba traders and has thus led to several inter-ethnic conflict in recent years.

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The market was established in October 1987. Its establishment came as a result of growth and overcrowding at the Orita Merin foodstuff market in Ibadan.  The market is a mixture of open space trading and concrete and wooden stalls. A lot of wholesalers grativate towards ownership of the concrete stalls while retailers own most of the open space kiosks and trading locations.


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