Ibadan And Her Food

Ibadan food

The best food in the world is found in Ibadan ‘Amala with Abula soup’.

The most popular local dish is ‘Amala ‘ (roughly described as black mash potatoes) and ‘ Gbegiri’ (bean soup) or ‘Efo‘ (vegetable soup). The ‘Ibadans’ never toys with their ‘Abula soup’ (combination of bean soup and spinach soup) coupled with the bush meat. The food is usually served steaming hot. Add to this the presence of red-hot chilli peppers in the soup on a hot afternoon then you would surely believe the locals have an internal cooling system in their mouths that enable them eat their meals with so much gusto.

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For those visiting who may be tempted to experiment with the local cuisine, I am sure it would be a pleasant experience so long as you steer clear of the bukas. The locals may enjoy and have the stomach for food prepared in this way.

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