Here are the top Restaurants in Ibadan

Ibadan food

There are fast foods restaurant all over Ibadan that serve local and continental dishes. Some notable ones include Tantalizers, Mr Biggs, Aroma and Mama Ope restaurant. There are quite a number of local eateries littered all over the city popularly known as ‘ bukas’ where you can eat to you fill at a very reasonable price. The most popular indigenous food is amala and it is sold in almost all restaurants in the city. Popular places include mama ope restaurant, ‘inastrait’, bibire and amala skye bank.

You can also check out the following restaurants

  1. Soups and Sauces at Aare, Bodija
  2. KFC Restaurant at Ring Road and another at Bodija
  3. Champs restaurant at Heritage Mall Dugbe
  4. Olamummy Food Canteen at Bodija Ojuirin
  5. Diamond Restaurant, UCH Ibadan
  6. D&D Restaurant at Airport Road
  7. Domino’s Pizza Ring Road
  8. Shoprite Kitchen at Cocoa Mall Dugbe Ibadan
  9. Ose Olohun Food Canteen, Trans Amusement Park Shopping Complex Ibadan
  10. Amala Skye Bank at Bodija
  11. Amala Ina Straight Near Cultural Center, Mokola
  12. Martha’s Kitchen Along Dugbe Jericho Road Ibadan
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If you are visiting Ibadan for the first time, eating food from the hotel you are staying may turn out to be the safest option. If however you find that you must eat out, then it may be worth visiting the restaurants I mentioned earlier. They serve very good local dishes as well as a few, though limited, foreign ones. Another place you may go for a meal is Cocoa House; it has one of the few restaurants in town worth going to. There are even mobile fast foods like Kounty Kitchen that delivers food right at your doorsteps. There is also Stonecold and Domino’s pizza on ring road and a new branch at Bodija.

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