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3 S*xual Things To Avoid On The 1st Date

When a girl agrees to join you on a first date, please keep it decent untill she thinks or wants otherwise. It’s almost a tradition that  first dates are meant to know each other better than phone calls, SMS or Whatsapp messages. But most guys make the mistake of fantasizing sex on the first date and end up losing the girl they love or lust after. Just to be helpful, here are three sexual moves to avoid on your first date.

1.) Avoid talking and thinking about sex

First dates are meant to know each other better not really take her to bed. So a nice dinner in a good restaurant will be idle. During dinner, talk fun things like who you are, what you do, what are your values and childhood memories. Do not spend your time talking about sex or any sexually relating topics and sound like that’s the only topic you want to talk about. She’ll feel trapped and would want to run away and never come back.

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2.) Avoid complimenting her body shape too much

It’s a great gesture to tell her she looks amazing in that LBD  or the lipstick she has on is sexy but let those compliments be limited. Do not repeat your compliments about her body too many times. She will get uncomfortable and may think you are only interested in her body and not her intellect. This could warrant her to think you are disrespectful and intuitive.

3.) Stop staring at her cleavage

Most boys fall prey to this attitude while on date nights. Just because she wore a dress with a plunging neckline doesn’t mean you have to look till you do not notice the disgusting look on her and other people’s faces. Look but don’t focus on that. Allow her worry about the reson she wore that dress but make her feel special and safe. She shouldn’t think you are a pervert.

NOTE: A first kiss is perfect on a first date.

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