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5 Things Guys Look At Within The First Few Seconds of Meeting a Lady


These five things are what most guys sort after at the first glance of meeting a new lady, even though this list doesn’t speak on behalf of some guys but it does speak for the majority.

#1.Eyes:One of the most common things men notice first in women,is of course,there eyes.It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul,So it is understandable if we, look into her eyes know for sure if she’s a Karishika!!

#2.Chest: Its not perversion!!..even if they are locking eyes with the girl..we still have a way of estimating what cup size the girl wears … Ts not a thing of shame we are wired tat way .

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#3.Backside:its not uncommon for guys to look at the size of the ‘Bottom’ of a girl,and if there’s more than one guy,it becomes a subject of discussion for at least 5 minutes..

#4.Hygiene:chaii..The biggest turn offs on the first date are Body odour,Dirty fingernail and worse!!,Bad breath…smh… Na these types dey do *shakara* pass

#5.Smile:Guys dig it when a girl has a nice captivating smile,sometimes its usually on the top of the list… A girl I know use to practice in front of a mirror,How to smile

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