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Can You Rock This Shirt Made Out Of Standard Sleeping Mat? (Photos)

sleeping mat shirt

Whether you are a fashion fan or not, we as a whole have those occasions when we truly simply need to toss something on without speculation and get the hell fire out of the house.

All things considered, Ghanaian fashionisto, @1dapperjayden_ and creator, Derrick Nsor, took advantage of that all inclusive languid feeling and utilized a standard resting mat to make a definitive toss on-and-go furnish, the tangle formal attire – and it turned out superior to anything it had any privilege to.

Jayden who shook the inventive outfit to the Chale Wote Road Craftsmanship Celebration, said on his Instagram:

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“I genuinely did not trust this outfit was going to turn out well when I first considered making it, yet much to my dismay this was going to be a perfect work of art.

“I imagined this outfit made out of an African sleeping mat and it was made in just less than 24 hours.”

With all the love the outfit got, you can tell Jayden has a bright future as a designer. You can see more of Jayden’s interesting style on his Instagram.




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