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“I Caught My Husband Making Out With My Maid”


The issue is that my maid is such a hardworking girl and very submissive

I recently caught my husband and my maid making out and they promised me never to do it again.

The issue is that my maid is such a hardworking girl and very submissive. She takes care of my children like her own and has continued to do so even after the incident.

She has also never raised her voice at me when I tell her what to do or try to insult me. Despite the change I’m still scared of the worst happening in my home.

Please what do I do?



Hi Uduak,

Thanks for sharing this delicate issue with me.

It’s could be frightening and sad for you to know that your marriage is being threatened by what you experienced in your home.

Trying to forget your husband’s unfaithfulness may be hard if you still have your maid around the house. The truth is she’ll always be a reminder of what happened in the past and why you should be suspicious of your husband’s moves which is what you don’t need if you want your marriage to be healthy.

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Look at it this way, would you rather be safe than sorry? Do you feel that same incident will occur again? Can you trust your husband to keep his promise and stay away from your maid? Can you trust your maid to tell you if your husband breaks his promise? Can you leave the running of your house to your maid with your husband in the house?

Since trust is an issue here, you may have to choose between your maid staying in your house or you letting her go. You can also find her someplace else to stay if you think she does a really good job for you.

Secondly, you have to learn to forget and trust your husband completely again, let him know you are willing to start over and you trust him not to repeat the same mistake with anyone else again. Learn to communicate better with him and you’ll see everything will be alright.

I wish you all the best.


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