A Dad Asked For Prayers For His Dying Baby, But God Answered Him Beyond What He Wished For

dying baby

We all know the power of prayer and Brandon Koehn witnessed it first-hand. His story prove that God answers our prayers in the most unexpected and mysterious way.

Brandon Koehn had a daughter named Elease.
When she turned one month old, they noticed she wasn’t eating right, so they brought her toHelen DeVos Children’s Hospital and they checked her platelet count.
Doctors told them she’s “deadly ill.” Elease had a contracted viral infection, which Koehn did not know exactly what it is.
Elease Koehn 1
Elease condition suddenly turns to worse, damaging her liver and kidney then she started bleeding to death.
Koehn then witnessed the power of prayer, he received more than what he wished for. God touched the heart of the community and did something surprising he never asked.
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