Hilarious! See What This Little Boy Did Before He Got Baptized (+Photos)

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There are many times we get unsettled due to anxiety; some people simply cannot keep calm when they are expecting something to happen.  Some people honestly do not do well with suspense; they do not like anything that will put their patience to test as they know they will fail woefully. As much as it is important for people to have patience as a virtue, we cannot blame people who have issues with this because it is in the human nature.

People do not get anxious for nothing, they might have foreseen the occurrence of an event and cannot wait to get over with it. Couples have to deal with anxiety when their wedding dates have been fixed; celebrants who want to throw big parties for their birthdays also cannot keep calm. Sometimes, getting the result of an examination could fill people with tension if the result is needed to move them on to the next level or stage in life. It is intriguing to know that most of the things we worry about become history with time; naturally, these things will take shape in due time.

Moving forward, the story of Jordan Warrick will make you laugh. This little boy had to deal with his impatience when he was about to be baptized. If you are of the christian faith, you will understand the importance of baptism and how much people look up to it. What the little boy did before the pastor could baptize him will amaze many of you. It is normal for pastors to give a little sermon before the baptism itself. However, little Jordan Warrick could not wait to get through with the whole process because his excitement kept mounting. Before the pastor could finish the sign of the cross he was making, this little held his nose and put his head into the water.

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He ran out of patience; he could not wait for the pastor to baptize him. He was so excited about the whole thing when he brought out his head from the water. His face glowed with excitement like he just won a trophy. It is interesting to know that a boy as young as that could be so passionate about his religion. See pictures of the little boy who baptized himself as he could not wait for the pastor to do it:

1. Jordan Warrick getting ready to be baptized

See what this little boy did before the pastor could baptize him

The cute little boy waited for a while and got tired of waiting.

2. Warrick held his nose as he prepared to baptize himself

See what this little boy did before the pastor could baptise him

We guess the sermon took longer than he expected. Children could be impulsive at times, this little boy has gone the easy way.

3. And he baptized himself before the pastor could

See what this little boy did before the pastor could baptise him

This is simply amazing! He wanted to get this done and over with.

4. An excited Warrick

See what this little boy did before the pastor could baptise him

He was very excited about the whole process.

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