Married Pastor Caught Red Handed Dating Daughters of His Church Members


Although he is denying it, this pastor has been accused of sleeping with several female members in his congregation. He stands in front of his congregation, preaching the Word of God and encouraging them to follow the Lord’s will. But female members of his flock at Richmond Farm in KwaZulu-Natal, claim that after preaching, Pastor Mxolisi “Striker” Shange, 33, changes into Casanova. This comes after 10 young girls from the church alleged the Tower of Faith Ministry International pastor has been having secret love affairs with them.
Members of the congregation said they couldn’t believe the man they trusted with their salvation has been busy dating their daughters. The married pastor’s dirty secret was first revealed when two young girls fought over him a month ago. A church member said she heard that the girls discovered through a friend that the pastor had been seeing both of them at the same time.
“One of the girls confronted the other and they got into big fight.” The news spread and other girls allegedly came forward, claiming the pastor had also being seeing them, begging for their love. The 10 girls claimed that the pastor’s advances began soon after the church was started two years ago. The church member said she decided to speak to other women from the church after her 22-year-old daughter told her she too had been involved with the pastor.
The women decided to confront the man at his house.
He did not deny dating the girls. He admitted it in front of his wife. We have decided to leave his church for good,” she claimed. A 22-year-old lady who dated him in the church said the pastor was very romantic.
“He bought me gifts and took me out for lunch. He promised to take care of me and said I would be his second wife. I broke up with him after I found out he had another girlfriend,” she said. 33-year-old Pastor Shange denied the allegations, but said they did not surprise him.
I have been called a bad pastor by people who are against the good work that I do. Local pastors are jealous of my church because it’s always full. They’re spreading lies to lure my members away,” the pastor claimed. His wife Samkelisiwe, 25, said she was aware of the allegations. “But I trust my husband,” she said.
When the pastor was questioned about his romantic Whatsapp messages, he said he sent messages to the girl because she was going through a rough time in her life.
“I was comforting her. There was nothing more to it.”

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