Outrage As Pastor Kills A Suspected ‘Witch Bird’ That Stormed Bishop David Oyedepo’s Church

A man of God in Kenya is currently threatened with a charge of animal cruelty after he killed a suspected ‘witch’ bird that wandered into his church during a service.

Winners’ chapel church in Nairobi, Kenya
The pastor in charge of Bishop David Oyedepo’s Winners’ chapel church in Nairobi, Kenya  Pastor Patrick Ngutu posted the photo of the owl lying lifeless with a number of people surrounding it, and said it was a second killed in the church’s compound.

He said the bird is a witch sent to haunt members of the church. However, his post has attracted massive criticism from a section of Kenyans who now want the man of God to be arrested by the Kenya Wildlife Service for killing an innocent bird.

Considered one of the most popular churches in Kenya, Winners Chapel is situated along Mombasa road, less than a kilometre from the Nairobi National Park. Perhaps this explains why many who have seen the post feel that the bird just wandered to the church compound because of the proximity to its habitat.

Efforts by Ngutu to defend his post attracted even more criticisms, with many telling him off and even referring to the church as just another cult.

Read the highlights of the comments:

Beppie Favour: Wambui what is this about, I dont see any witch but only an owl.

Emmanuel Segun A’noukon: This is a bird, created by God, just like any other animal.

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Tom Mboya Opiyo: Surely this is appalling!

Steve Mbogo: Brainwash of the highest level. Owl’s are just birds. Witches are actually to be found amongst you, the people killing innocent birds. Sad.

Victoria Odungo: Stop killing birds in the name of stupidity nkt!!!!!

Aroji Otieno:
Excuse me! Is someone killing animals due to a superstition. Is KWS aware of this?

Mercy Shay: That bird looks beautiful to me, Preach the true gospel please.

Lopa Thebosslady: This Is Crap !!! Iliroga nani ?? Give Us The Number Of People This Poor Thing Has Bewitched !!!!

PJ Obonde: Pst Patrick Ngutu, this is just evil wrong. The animal killers must be themselves the witches in the Church. These birds are endangered. Any person killing them in the name of God must be satan himself. Read Genesis 1:26-30.

Dina Gilberts:
If the owl is the witch why kill it. Pray for it so the demons leave. Pastor does it mean if any of your member is possessed you would kill him?

Wairimu Mahinge:
Kenya Wildlife Service Kindly arrest this person.Why would create this beautiful bird then go ahead to hate it.Some of these churches and pastors!

Wairimu Nyar Asembo Metta:
So shameless and you had the guts to post this? Witch my foot…cult churches….You should be arrested

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