A popular preacher has shocked lots of people after going all out to expose another preacher who is allegedly obsessed with s*x.

Steve Blomefield and Walter Magaya
Steve Blomefield, a Zimbabwean preacher based in Bulawayo has exposed another ‘man of God’, Walter Magaya of  Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries, accussing him of being obsessed with s*x.
Over the years, Prophet Magaya has been accused of raping and sleeping with several women.
But in a recent video interview with Zim News which was transcribed into text for easy access, Steve Blomefield highlighted Prophet Magaya’s sexual tricks with women.
According to the preacher, who warned that women should never to go to Magaya in private, he revealed that about thirty women have been drugged through his dark techniques into s*x.
Read the full text below:
“A prophet is problematic because you say things that people don’t know but eventually the truth should come out.
“Magaya’s prayer lodge have symbols of a male and female organ and a spray of water into the female organ(male fluids), a representation of Magaya’s worship of s*x, he is so obsessed with sex as seen on the architecture of his lodges and swimming pool.
“People should know that having the lodge as House of God makes no difference, in bible times idolaters went into temples to perform rituals with  s*x goddesses and prostitutes. Stone phoenix is a symbol of a male organ and Magaya has to remove it.
“Magaya invites a woman by herself into his lodge so they feel special. He will then ask for s*x. If she says no, he uses dark techniques to force his victims into s*x.
“Women should never be in private space with Magaya and there are chances you may be given date rape drugs as the prophet is obsessed with s*x.
“You will only realise you had s*x with Magaya when you wake up, it’s not consensual, that is date rape.
“Many people are drugged to surrender their bodies to him, about thirty women have been through this. You have to report him immediately to the police though you will face stiff opposition from family.
“Zimbabweans have to reform from the obsession with s*x. It is bad. women should never go to Magaya in private. Do not ever do that.
“The s*x images on the lodges do not have any effect on people but show what is in Magaya’s heart”