Unbelievable! Read What Happened To A Pregnant Muslim Woman For Converting To Christianity

A Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity for love, has a most cruel form of punishment handed to her for the act by Muslim fanatics.
The woman, identified simply as Marwa was brutally murdered by her own people.
According to Eshhad, an online platform that collates alleged religious persecution and sectarian attacks in Egypt, Marwa fell in love with a Coptic Christian man after being divorced by her Muslim husband. She converted to Christianity, married her Christian love and they went on to live in a distant village in Tamia.
In 3 years, she had a boy and a girl. When she was however 2-months pregnant, Marwa was killed by her uncle and cousins when she made a short visit back to Alexandria.
Eshhad reports that the couple decided to visit their old church back in Alexandria and while they were there, Marwa’s daughter from the first husband saw her. The unnamed daughter was said to have been very angry seeing her mother without the usual Hijab and other things which signify a true Muslima. The girl went ahead to inform her mother’s uncle and brother and they decide to ‘cease’ Marwa.
According to their tradition, to cease means to kidnap the convert and take him/her to a family home where they are expected to denounce their Christian faith.
This did not end there as the Muslim community decided to fight the people of Tamia for ‘harboring a fugitive and converting Marwa from Islam to Christianity’. Marwa’s Muslim family were also said to have ordered all Christians living in Tamia to evacuate the village in 10days.
Eshhad reports that the uncle then forced Marwa’s youngest sister to “kill her to ‘punish’ her for her conversion [to Christianity].”
Al-Masry Al-Youm, however, reports that it was the uncle that killed Marwa.
Following the murder, Marwa’s father went to the police to inform them of the murder. However, the uncle is reportedly on the run.
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