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Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Sickness, Say Experts


Two medical experts on Saturday, June 25, in Lagos advised the general public to observe healthy lifestyle, to reduce the occurrence of sicknesses.

Both men expressed the viewpoint in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) saying that people must be physically and medically fit to be healthy.

Dr Ibrahim Hazoume, a Public Health physician at Green Hill Hospital, Ikorodu, defined healthiness as the absence of disease and good mental status of an individual, while wellness was more of a lifestyle.

Hazoume defined being well as “keeping active, eating a balanced diet, getting fit, losing weight, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, eating fruits and vegetables, managing stress, thinking less and sleeping well.

“In order for one to be considered healthy, he or she must both be sound in body and mind; achieving both healthy lifestyle and wellness can make one to live longer,’’ he said.

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Another medical practitioner, Dr Azeez Bada, who works at the Ajayi Medical Centre, Ikorodu, described wellness as a dynamic subject that should be observed throughout one’s lifetime, to attain good health.

“When daily exercises are incorporated in daily life, it promotes physical well-being.

“Those people who participate in regular activities do so to improve the current and future level of their health.

“We should strive toward an optimal state of well-being; as our lifestyle improves, our health also improves.’’

Bada advised people to imbibe the habit of eating healthy and doing more exercises to improve healthy living that would make them live longer.

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