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“I like Her but I’m Bothered By Our Age Difference”


I met a lady I like, one day the issue of age came up and I realized she is older by 2 years

My name is Kelechi and I  want your candid honest advice.

I’m 27 years old and I’ve met and interacted with several ladies and guys. As regards romantic relationships I’ve had a couple.

I met a lady I like some months back we hung out and all. One day the issue of age came up and I realized she is older by 2 years.  Well, for me it’s not really an issue but in this case family acceptance scares me.

I really need your advice on this.



Hello Kelechi,

Age is one of the oldest excuses people have used as reasons for not going after what they want.

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The question here is – do you like her enough to date her? If you really do, then a two-year age difference shouldn’t stop you. You won’t be the first to date an older girl neither would you be the last.

What you should be looking out for are qualities that make her the right person for you.

If you present an older girlfriend to your parents and they know you are serious about taking your relationship further and because she is the best person for you, they’ll eventually get over the age issue when they see she’s good enough for you.

It all depends on you first so I’ll advice you to think it over carefully before making a decision.

I wish you the best


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