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Why ‘Made In Africa’ Will Become The Next World Fashion Trend (Pictures)


Africa is a place that most Western consumers just don’t know much about. The media is only recently starting to feature stories about its commerce, culture and economic trends, the African prints has been on a fast rise in the fashion world.  In the world of fashion, this represents a massive opportunity for fresh fashion ideas, business and growth. If you had bought into the notion that there is nothing new left in fashion, this is a reality check because the there’s nothing the African print cannot be used for, cloths, shoes, bags, earrings, necklaces, kinky hair and lots more.

The African fashion trend has been creating buzz on social media. Be proud of where you’re from, your heritage and roots, because that’s exactly what it’s all about. These notions of belonging to a place and a community are values that have become more and more popular among fashion labels, and they’re having a field day with the idea of belonging. This trend of African inspired pieces displaying the theme of belonging is gaining public support, fashion designers are making use of the African print which speaks to the heart of this generation.

This fashion trend will only become stronger and last longer because the feeds on marketing ideas and action is strong. Platforms like Kisua make shopping for african brands easy. Below are well made designs that are fit for anything from cocktail parties to boardrooms.

1. Ankara and kitenge print

Recently we discovered Kitenge is becoming a big trend in Nigeria at an almost 40% increase in sales according to store owners in Nigeria selling this wonderful african prints, however we also see a more glamorous designs on Ankara.

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2. Mali bangles

I love these handmade bangles from recycled plastic. Made in Mali they come in lots of different color combinations. Great color-pop for any outfit. The more of them you wear together, the better.


3. African city bags

100 % cotton tote bag in African city names printed on both sides. This tote bag is huge and you can fit anything from your laptop, your trainers, books to groceries in it. And actually also all of these items together.


4. African inspired temporary tatoos

Embellish your arms, legs, shoulders, hands and lower backs with golden temporary tattoos. One sheet comes with 10 tats of the following signs and Adinkra symbols.


5. Bamboo and African fabric hand fans

These bamboo & fabric fans are Made in Ghana. They are fab for the Summer! Use them at festivals, parties or when out and about in the city.


6. Natural hair (kinky hair)

Today, we see the boom of the natural hair movement (a celebration of kinky hair), of African fashion.


7. African print shoes

The African print shoe has been trending since 2013 and its made all over Africa.


African print inspired heels.


African print gladiators

8. African prints earrings and necklace

African inspired necklace and earrings have been trending and tehy are not leaving the fashion world anytime soon. African prints can now be used for anything even nails.



9. African print nails

African prints can now be used for anything even nails.


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