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Must Read: Top 5 Things Younger Nigerian Men Do to Seduce a Sugar Mummy

sugar mummy

Nowadays, many young Nigerian men love having Sugar Mummies for the fringe benefits they derive from the act, mostly financial and they usually have tactics used for wooing the older women.

Below are some of them:

1. Demonstrating some sort of respect towards her

Women generally love to be respected; and considering the age of the woman you may be attracted to, it is impertinent that you accord her some respect.

Older women are conscious of their ages, they tend to tread softly. They hate to lose their self-respect in a bid to finding a partner. Showing them respect would make them endeared to a man overt time.

2. Presence of romance

Young men who are romantic are always able to win the hearts of older women. They may be old but they still enjoy the romantic gestures younger men throw their way. These make them feel young at heart and bring them beautiful memories.

3. Avoiding certain terrain

Older women who date younger men have thirst for power. They try paving ways for themselves in the corporate world and would not appreciate a young man who seems to be in competition with them. Men who are able to avoid this issue would gain their trust in no time and become their partners.

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4. Confidence

Every woman love to be associated with confident men. For cougars, it is essential as they have reached a stage in their lives where they feel are entitled to their opinions and could choose a certain life style. Men who demonstrate this attribute would win the attention of a cougar. Cougars love men who are confident in addition to their youthfulness.

5. When younger men act indifferent

A young man who is able to have an unbiased opinion about cougars may hit a spot with one. Acting opposed to a cougar’s way of life and expressing these strong opinions may awaken a sense of guilt in an older woman. Men who are able to steer clear of such issues and remain unabashed about cougars and their affairs could seduce one in no time.


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