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Natural Ways To Grow Well Groomed Eyebrows


There was a time when extremely thin eyebrows were really fashionable, but deeper, thicker eyebrows can really enhance the beauty of your face.

Now, beauty experts are telling us that fuller, well groomed eyebrows can bring beauty and youth to your face; so read on, and find out what you can do if you have thin brows:

1. Stop plucking: Many ladies do over-pluck their brows and never give them a chance to regrow again. Leave of the tweezers completely for a while and don’t even be tempted by the odd stray hair. Leaving them alone will give them a chance to regrow naturally and you can always tidy them up again later.

2. Exfoliate the skin: Exfoliating your skin will remove dead cells and promote new growth of hair. Use gentle circular motions on your brows but don’t harshly scrub. This will also increase the blood flow in the area and further promote the growth of your brows.

3. Improve your diet: Hair loss of any kind, can be a sign of a poor diet. Make sure that you are getting plenty of foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and protein to ensure that your hair has sufficient nutrients to grow.

4. Try eyebrow serum: Although they don’t work for everyone, eyebrow serums can have some great results. They contain, amongst other ingredients, peptide, which condition and strengthen the hairs in your brows and help stop them breaking.

5. Plucking and waxing do not encourage growth:Don’t believe all that you hear. Waxing and plucking does not encourage new growth, it actually damages the follicles. This is just a myth, so leave your brows alone and they will grow.

6. Onion juice: Some people swear by this natural homemade beauty treatment. Applying onion juice to your brows can help to encourage growth, as it contains sulphur, which helps to increase the blood flow. Apply the juice and then leave it on for ten minutes, before washing off with warm water.
7. Massage your brows with castor oil: Massage your brows daily with a touch of castor oil (you can also use olive or coconut oil), and that too will increase the blood flow in the area. It is the increased flow of blood to the follicles that will help your brows grow thicker and fuller.

8. Use a brow powder:  You can visually increase the volume of your brows with a brow powder. Like an eye shadow, but for brows, you can apply this product with a brush, following the natural hair line. For larger areas that need filling, you can also use a pencil.

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9. Make sure your makeup looks natural: Whether you are going to use a powder, pencil or brow gel, be sure that it looks as natural as possible, and don’t make your brows ‘over the top’ big. When choosing your colour of powder or pencil, select one that is as close to your natural hair color as you can.

10. Try some Shea butter: Another remedy that many people use is Shea butter. Apply a small amount to your brows three times a day and it will moisturize the area and strengthen the hairs. If you use Shea butter regularly, you should see a difference in a couple of months time.

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