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Why Boys Are Always Trying To Sleep With Girls When They Visit


I am  NOT against the whole boys should limit the way they push their girlfriends for sex. First of, if you are in the relationship and the pleasure from sex is one way, I DONT know what you still are doing in the relationship. Source is in no way saying that a relationship should be about sex but he is asking how long are you going to deal with that situation.
Well, that’s a case for another day, but he takes us through why guys are always on your nerves for sex

1. You don’t visit often
See, you want to tell me that if you visit daily, he’d be all over you  for sex? I doubt, but if that becomes the situation, then the guy has issues. You keep his tank filled for the whole month, a disposable container comes and you expect him to not attempt to use it?? Cmon girls, even the Akosombo dam would use it.

2. Your rejection isn’t honest.


The average Ghanaian girl will bounce your sex request more than the US embassy bounces visitors visa. What guys do is throw in the net and click on feeling lucky with the hope that a fish gets into the net . This is basic probability and you can’t blame guys for knowing their maths. So they keep pushing every time you visit to check their luck.

3.You never ask for it

Ghanaian girl never ask for sex, and I mean never. If you met one who asks, she’s probably a foreign breed or has been watching foreign movies. I had a white girl at a point, she could call and just say Kwaku, can u have you tonight? How often do you hear that from the Ghanaian woman ? Zero? Maybe -1. So if the guy doesn’t know when you want it and how you behave when you want it, how he is going to be able to construct and push at the right time? Make initiatives girls!!! make initiatives!!

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4. You Girls Play Too Much


You just want to cuddle?? What is the grass to the dog? Exactly the same as cuddling to guys.. If cuddling wont lead to a happy ending, girls, sorry but we’d let it pass. Thats like paying to walk on a treadmill and really driving to places you can walk to. Basically you lead him on that you are taking him to Israel and leave him behind the Red Sea? You can’t blame him if he decides to point his Rod on the sea like Moses

5. We Are Just Horny Sons of Guns


Yes, you can’t blame guys, sometimes they know no limit. No matter how much you give them, they still want more–Oliver Twist. You see what happens when you pour gas/petrol into a fire? That is exactly the thing with guys and sex, sorry girls but nature beats nurture here.


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