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This Woman Has Grown A Huge Beard To Attract And Date More Guys Online!


Her name is Rose Geil, and she is the bearded girl! She used to be ashamed of such an unwomanly thing and shaved it off recklessly. The woman has just turned 39 and for 26 years she has been coping with this problem.

Rose Gail beard

Since her teenage years, the girl had to shave every day to maintain a “girlish” look. She’s got an access of hair not only on her face, but on her arms and other body parts, too.

Eventually, she decided to give up all the shaving and accept herself as she is. So, she has grown a beard. Moreover, she took to social media to boost her self-esteem. Many guys online showed her romantic interest and wanted to date her and she was not surprised by it. She says:

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Rose Geil

“I was not too surprising. There are all kinds of people that are attracted to all kinds of things.”

Why does she grow so much hair on her body? Well, the scientists say it is in her genetics, plus, she has something called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The girl endured much mocking and ridicules.

bearded lady

“I found my community right away, even before I let my beard grow. I was following accounts of bearded women. Those that didn’t conform to a conventional look. Inspiration is there, it’s a beautiful thing.”

body hair

This is how she lives now. Acceptance and love are crucial for us. At times our bodies place limits on our social interactions. Luckily this girl has found her place in the world!

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