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20-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Sentenced To 100 Years In Prison


A 20-year-old man has reportedly received a prison sentence that will last him an entire lifetime, after he was caught molesting minors. The man identified as Harrison Kinyua from Kangaru in Embu County, Kenya, was said to have lured three under-aged girls into a church, and sexually assaulted them.

According to reports, the girls who are aged between 10-13 years were returning seats which were used for a funeral to the church, when Kinyua accosted them and locked them inside the church. He reportedly sent one of the girls away leaving two behind, because according to him she wasn’t showing any signs of puberty yet.

He also went ahead to give them Ksh20 to buy chips when he was done. The girls’ parents found out the truth and after taking them to the hospital, reported them to the police. One of the doctors had this to say in court: “Their clothes were dirty especially on the back side. There was tenderness in their private parts and a whitish discharge. Two of them had been defiled before.”  Kinyua pleaded not guilty claiming the girls’ families had bad motives, but that didn’t stop senior magistrate Vincent Nyakundi from handing him a 100-years jail sentence. Na wa oo! He hasn’t even experienced life yet.

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