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Hilarious Photos Only An African Man Can Relate To


Africa is the second largest continent in the world; it is also the second most populous continent. Although this part of the world is considered to be a developing continent, there are so many beautiful and interesting facts about it. Africans are proud of their culture and heritage despite the fact that the developed countries see them as being far back. They have been able to stand tall despite the hardships they face from time to time.

The African culture is deep and interesting; they have created their own theme and have been able to work this into their ways of life. There are certain things that only an African can recognize and interpret; some of the things they do are considered strange and weird to foreigners who try desperately to fathom them. In this piece, we would be sharing some pictures that would shed more light on the African culture and the things they do.

Remember that you would only share the humour in these pictures if you are an African or a person who has been in Africa for a long time. Find below some of the funny pictures that Africans would be able to relate to:

1. We see brides like this all the time – It is beyond hilarious seeing brides who want to look glamorous at all cost. The groom’s outfit is weird too and it is weird that none of their guests could help them dress well.

funny pictures only African's can understand

2. When the makeup turned out funnily – There are lots of Africans who overdo things when trying to have their faces done. It is not out of place to ask if this is ‘Shirley’ or foundation. The nose ring is awesome.

funny pictures only African's can understand

3. Women strap babies to their backs – So many foreigners find this strange considering the fact that they use baby carriers over there. Africans strap their babies to their backs using wrappers. The child is kept warmth in the process.

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funny pictures only African's can understand

4. The urge to keep fit – Most people in Africa are now concerned about keeping fit and doing exercises irrespective of their health status. The guy in the picture above wants to develop abs and muscles when he obviously needs to see a doctor.

funny pictures only African's can understand

5. Motherhood – African women embrace motherhood with all sincerity. As funny as this picture is, it shows the strength of the women and how they take care of their children while they go about their day to day activities.

funny pictures only African's can understand

6. The serious ‘corporate’ guy – There are some Africans who would do anything to stand out; we see people like this from time to time. What would be your reaction if this guy walked into your office for an interview? Be sure to treat him well.

funny pictures only African's can understand

7. Oya dab! – The older folks do not want to be left behind; everyone wants to dab and it would be unfair not to allow the older ones express themselves since the society is bending towards the ‘dabbing’ direction.

funny pictures only African's can understand

8. The need to be seen on the television – Many of the people who live in the villages in Africa have dreams. They also long to be seen and heard.

funny pictures only African's can understand

9. A typical family on ‘okada’ – Africans see this all the time. It has become a norm in the society for a bike to pack more than four people on it at a time.

funny pictures only African's can understand

10. Zealous police officers – Africans do not joke with their jobs. They are efficient and would do anything to make the job done. This could be seen from the picture above.

funny pictures only African's can understand

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