A young woman has told a really shocking story about her life of unbelievable promiscuity and how she is being affected by it all.
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The woman shared her story on social media telling shocked users about her past life.
According to her, she is just in her 20s and yet has had several abortions for many men.
Now she is about to get married and is wondering whether or not to tell her husband-to-be about her past.
Below is she told the story:
Please help. I’m tearing up.
I’m a young woman in my 20s. I’m actually 26 this year.
I’m in love with a 28-year-old man. He has a good job and he is quite nice to me. In fact, I always feel that any girl who is not a virgin should not marry him. He’s that good.
We have been together for a year and he has promised marrying me but he doesn’t know my past deeds.
The thing is, I have this innocent and youthful look. Looking at me no one, including him, would ever realise that so far, I’ve dated 12 guys and I’ve had seven abortions for them.
I’ve been that bad.
So, he has planned our marriage for December and I feel guilty not telling him what I had done. I feel that if I tell him, he could change his mind and break up with me. I don’t think I can get another man like him.
What do I do? Tell him and lose him? Or keep quiet and get married?