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Oh My!! See How Crocodile Attacked Couple Swimming In Hotel Pool (Watch Video)

Crocodile inside swimming pool

A video demonstrating a crocodile disturb a couple swimming in a pool at a resort in Zimbabwe has circulated around the web.

A security camera at the resort recorded the occurrence which happened as the couple were having an evening time swim.

The footage, which was presented on YouTube by client Zimbo88, demonstrates a man and a lady unwinding in the pool after dull on Thursday at the resort in Kariba when a crocodile all of a sudden shows up and afterward bounced into the water.

The man, who in the wake of recognizing the reptile, rapidly moves out of the pool and runs, leaving the lady to be cornered by the croc. She then takes part in a tussle with the animal until the man returns and diverts it from the back.

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It was after this that the woman was able to escape the pool and flee with the man.

The woman was reported to have suffered some minor bite marks in the struggle, but managed to evade any serious injury.




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