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Pupil, 12, Brutally Flogged With Wire for Engaging in a Love Affair With 8-year-old Girl

It is drama and confusion after a class seven pupil was brutally flogged with wire for engaging in love affair with schoolmate.
It was gathered that the boy and an eight year old girl were fond of writing each other love letters. That was why he was flogged like a common criminal.
The incident happened at JoyMax Academy, a boarding school in Huruma Estate, Eldoret town, Kenya.
The parents of the boy have accused David Webwe, the boy’s teacher, of whipping 12 year-old Samuel Mburu using a wire and inflicting serious injuries all over his body which might affect the boy’s life in the future.
The teacher has been reported to the police. The parents of the boy accused the teacher of injuring their son. They believe the punishment was too harsh.
The accused teacher on Monday admitted to caning the pupil to ‘instill discipline’ in him, claiming the pupil was part of a clique that was misbehaving in school.
“I heard about it (the love affair) and I started to investigate and found out that three girls and the boy were involved in a form of courtship,” said Mr Webwe.
Mr Hylum Inambutsi, the school’s head teacher, had earlier given a conflicting statement, saying that the pupil was injured by a table in the office as he was being interrogated by the teacher over the alleged love affair.
“He was not caned, but only got injured by a table after he rose. We were planning to inform the parents about the son’s accident this week,”  the head teacher stated.
The boy’s mother could not contain her tears while she spoke about the incident
According to the boy’s father, Mr Patrick Maina, he had gone to the school to take some fruits to his son, only to discover that the pupil had a visible scar on the neck.
“I went to school and found my son seated with other pupils outside the office. The teacher who was also present told me that we need to go inside the office to talk about something,” he said.
According to Nairobi News, the father said upon noticing a scar on the boy’s neck, he probed both the teacher and the boy over it.
“The teacher said that he had been scratched by a table. But the boy pointed at the teacher and asked me to go with him to the dormitory so that he can show me more scars in the body,” he narrated.
“He told me he reported thrice but nothing was done instead the teacher disciplined him using a wire,” said the father.
The father reported the incident at Baharini police station on Monday and filed a P3 form. He wants the teacher punished for the severe and harsh manner he treated the son over a minor incident. He has now vowed to transfer his son from the school.

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