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See What Grown Up Men Did To A 38-Year-Old Woman In Public (Photo)

men flogs woman in public

According to a statement made by the Tanzania police, the woman was flogged in turns by the suspects for allegedly insulting her 55-year-old mother and denying that she was her mother.

The suspects were arrested after a video of the public flogging went viral. Ten Tanzanian men have been arrested for flogging a 38-year-old woman in public.

Police arrest

Police arrest 10 men who took turns flogging a woman in public

Her mother made a complain to the council of elders of the Msimbiti clan claiming that her daughter had threatened to kill her using witchcraft. The elders then took matters into their hands and decreed that the woman should be flogged in public.

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A video of the incident which happened on Friday, December 23, was recently released on social media. The two minute video shows the woman lying flat on her stomach on the ground, with other villagers who came to witness the incident sitting at a distance around her as the men took turns to whip her five times each with a cane.

At a point several men were seen holding the woman down after she tried to break free, pleading for mercy because of the unbearable pain.

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